Mitch Harrison, Photographer   

Months ago, I had this idea for a photo shoot. I wanted a profile picture that was retro and fun—something that would reflect the spirit of Meringue & Memories. Mitch Harrison, a photographer based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, immediately came to my mind. He has great artistic vision and is always open to my ideas. He took my profile picture, and I can’t wait to collaborate on further projects with him.

Interested in having your own retro photo shoot? Contact Mitch at

Erin Hall, Stylist

Erin has styled my hair for about a year, and I couldn’t be happier with her work. My hair has never looked better. And, as an added bonus, she enjoys coming up with creative ideas for my hair and make-up as much as I do. She styled my hair and make-up for my retro photo shoot. She made me feel so glamorous!

Want my retro look? Contact Erin via

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